At Sedler's Village we are always on the lookout for antique dolls. Whether you are looking for China heads, German Dolls, or French dolls we try to have a large inventory on hand and add them to our website as often as possible.

livingroom/dollinrocker1.jpg Kestner Doll, Big Baby #152 $900.00
Big Baby Doll 25" Kestner, #152. Dress & Hat is very old. Eyes: Stationary, Open mouth nice coloring.
Old Rocker for sale also - $395.00


livingroom/dollfatface1.jpg Effenbee Doll $350.00
Effenbee Rosemary Doll, original outfit. Measuring approx. 19" tall.


bettydoll1.jpg Doll Child - Schoenau & Hoffmeister $649.00
This is a 20" Bisque Doll called Schoenau & Hoffmeister, child doll. Bisque head, orig. or good wig. Sleep Eyes open mouth ball jointed body. original dress. The marking on the back of her head has an S with a star and PB is marked in the middle of the star with H on the other side of the star, 1909.


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