Furniture restoring oils from Howard Products

orangeoil.gif Howards Orange Oil $8.95
Howards Orange Oil
Contains NO silicone, linseed oil, or petroleum solvents.
Cleans and polishes wood finishes with real orange oil
Leaves no wax build-up, only the clean scent of oranges.


wax.gif Howards Citrus Shield Wax $13.95
Citrus Shield Premium Natural Paste Wax
Easily buffs to a brilliant, long-lasting shine,
Citrus Shield Premium Paste Waxes are also ideal for
primitive pine, oak and other unfinished woods.
The color can be rubbed evenly into the wood, toning
and highlighting the wood grain, while leaving a
brilliant, long-lasting shine.
net weight 11oz
We have this item in Walnut only.


finishfeeder.gif Howards Restor - A - Finish $7.95
Restor- A - Finish
Restore It - Don't Strip it!
howards restores the original color and luster in wood
finishes Eliminates white heat rings and water marks'
scratches, smoke damage, sun fade, and oxidation
Will NOT dissolve finish
Restore It - Don't Strip it!


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