We are a Family Business. Doing business since 1974. Our store consists of NEW FURNITURE, ANTIQUES,COLLECTABLES,VINTAGE CLOTHES,JEWELRY, CUSTOM MADE FURNITURE, GIFTS. ETC... We are located in a large victorian building from 1860 with each room filled with items for you to purchase. We have a variety of antique dealers who display there items in our large store as well. Some rooms are filled with New furniture with the old Mirrors and artist paintings on the wall, as well as china sets, glassware, and old photographs/postcards. It makes for an interesting variety. There is so much in our store it's hard to describe everything. If you are in the area or in need for a road trip it would be certainly worth your while to stop in. You'll never see it all in one trip and I guarantee there is something here for everyone. We even have marble games at the front door for children to enjoy while parents browse. We hope to see you soon.

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